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Meet Salem

Meet The CandleMakers

Husband & Wife Team

We are Sean and Courtney Catalino. We are Salem's mom and dad. We are originally from New Jersey/Pennsylvania and currently reside in Palm Coast, Florida. We have been married for 8 years. Sean is the Director Of Audio Visual at The Hard Rock Daytona & Courtney is a Teller Manager at TD Bank in Daytona.

The Man Who Created The Logo

Meet Dave Dick

Meet Dave

Dave Dick is a Freelance Illustrator who lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Ever since a very young age he has had a strong admiration for the Horror Genre. Watching movies he shouldn't have, and drawing things he definitely shouldn't have. Throughout his career as an illustrator his work has always had some horror elements, but as the years have gone by Horror has taken over his work to become his main focus.

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Meet Jay!

One of our best friends and devout halloween and horror addict. Jay has been helping us along the way with our brand. He even helped us name not only our pug, Salem, but the company itself!

Jason Nathaniel Overdorf is a Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania-area film producer, writer, director, editor, make-up/fx artist, actor, and horror host most known for his horror/Halloween variety show "Schlock.Down"

As a self taught, ever-evolving student of film, Jason has been doing odd jobs in the film industry for 20 years. His resume includes a lead acting role in 2 music videos for the hardcore band "Terror" which premiered on Mtv Headbangers Ball and he worked alongside Tony Scott and James Gandolfini on Columbia Pictures "The Taking of Pelham 123." His writing and directorial debut short film "The Munchies" can be seen in the horror anthology series "The World of Death." He resides within his very own "house of horrors."

Jay has his own youtube channel and we highly recommend you Like and Subscribe for some chilling fun

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The Perfect Spooky Candle

They all smell amazing!!

Diana Costa

These are hands down the best candles.

Sarah-Honey Taylor

Every scent is a winner! The colors are very vibrant. They are beautiful, especially the color you used for High Tide. You are doing excellent. Your products are brilliant.

Reagan Braun